Are Girls insecure?

The topic of insecure girls using make- up and clothes has been a debatable one for many people across the world. DailyMail has just highlighted it. Some girls like to dress up, some don’t. In order to explain their choice, girls often take the whole thesis route.

I dress because I like to, because I want the attention, I love make-up, I like jewellery, I love to be noticed etc….

On the other hand, the girls who do not care for their appearance (and sometimes its plain laziness- this I tell you from experience :)) come up with- I really don’t care, I rather be myself. Often in explaining their choice, they target the ones who take extra care to dress up. Insecure, show- off, attention- seeker are just some of the words used to describe them.

Is it any better to term others with derogatory names, does it make the accusers any less insecure?

Is there any truth about girls using outward tools to wrap their insecurity and their self- doubt?

Are we wise to judge others, do we even have the right to do so?

I came across this very disturbing post where faces are changed drastically thanks to make-up.

Does this guy have a right to dish out this kind of statement?

English: Eva Kowalewska, Le Thron Insecure 160...


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