World View

The Real Terrorists

The recent tragic death of the rape victim in my India and the fatal shootings of innocent children and sincere adults in an affluent US town earlier in the month got me thinking. Who are we fooling, how and why? I decided to vent my feelings in this so- not- writing- related post. After all, I am a human first long before I became a writer.

We have all heard of terrorists and what they do. We also know who exactly they are and which people they belong to. With the print and online media bombarding us with messages – directly and indirectly, even a small primary school- going child will be aware of the terrorist and his background. Today, let us clear up our heads a little and try to see the real faces behind the masks, the stories of real terrorists.

They are the ones who terrorize us with their bombs and their guns.

They are the ones who terrorize the women with heinous crimes like rape and abuse- physical, sexual and emotional.

They are the ones who snatch up earth and trample on lives.

They are the ones who forget about their worth and keep awake with thoughts of bloody revenge.

They are the ones who load their guns and go out in their affluent neighbourhoods and gun down little children.

They are the ones who tease, harass and worry innocent people, especially females who they think are weak.

They are the ones who cowardly blow up trains and char people to death.

They are the ones who spike out fetuses and brandish them shamelessly and unaccountably.

They are the ones who wipe put innocents with air raids and carpet bombs in the name of upholding integrity and securing borders.

They are the ones who conveniently forget about the terror in their own lives while blaming a whole region and people for a act of coward tyrants.

They are the ones who finish lives in the hope of stalling immigration and right wing.

They are the ones who refuse answers when questioned about their own shortcomings.

They are the ones who are never called terrorists.

Know why?

If only we think who the real terrorists are. We can do that only if we think instead of bashing up a religion or generalizing a people or living in dread of the black cloth, the long beard, the dreaded last name, the face we have been shown and made to learn. If only we thought. For ourselves.


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