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A World in a Word? Chamber’s Word Contest

‘What’s in a word?’, are you asking yourself this question? I will tell you the answer, the answer that lies within us all. For writers especially, the question holds a whole dimension within it. A world is in a word, a world that imagines itself and collapses around its own imagination, a world that expands and contracts, a world that lives its own life. A word is a way of finding our way through this world. In some way, taking the world out of the word and making sense of it is such an exciting prospect. One of those crazy things that help us in our life journey. In my quest of finding a word(s) to fit into one story, one sentence, one life, I am offered multiple opportunities that work themselves around this want of mine.



One such is the Chamber’s Word contest in association with Reader’s Digest. You are required to submit your favourite word and your own reasons for liking it. You have to explain your choice of the word. It is a contest where the UK’s favourite English language word, either old or new, will be chosen as the winner. The prizes won’t fetch you a fortune- the first prize is £100 plus £100-worth of Chambers products, including the new fourth edition of the Chambers Thesaurus. There are also 50 runner-up prizes of Chambers books up for grabs!

You can find more about it here. Go for it!!! I am too!!!


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