Doors have Ears

A short piece I wrote has been kindly published by Doorditch. It is a story for a door, of a door. A quirky but creative way of preserving a door’s life. Stories help us visualize the life behind every thing. With stories all things- living or non- living come alive.

Doorditch is an instagram project showcasing the doors of Shoreditch in the UK. With all of the regeneration around the area, these unique pieces of art work won’t be around for long.

In an attempt to get stories to live behind every door, they are asking for really short stories to represent each door. Mine is here, go write yours!

Doors have ears<br />Hear closely, you will hear the whispers of life. Of lives that people who went through these doors, lived. Inside out, outside in. And left their footprints absorbed into the timbers (or is it tin ?) of the doors.<br />Story by: Sabah Hadi



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