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5 ways to make Nanowrimo a success

November is officially the National Novel Writing Month. In some parts of the world its already November 1 which means that novels have started taking birth, sowing their seeds into the creative soil of talent, perseverance and keeping at it. Which I believe is the hardest part- how do you keep at it without abandoning it midway? For somebody like me who has been putting off completing my novel for twelve odd years, leaving a novel unfinished is not a novel idea. Either way. Neither way.

I have devised 5 ways to finish my novel somehow this November. These strategies have been pulled from the top of my head so if they make little sense, you might want to put some of your sense into it.

1. I am going to visualize the novel as my child. Would I leave my child halfway on the road as we are walking back home after school? Hell no, I would me mad to do that. Okay, I know nothing can come close to my children but for just this month, I am going to make my novel my third child. And I am going to make sure I get it all the way home. To the End.

2. I am going to think of nothing but the novel. Kids, Husband, parents, siblings, my new business, food can wait. Well not really because I am human after all but 1700 words baby- you are all mine. Everyday for the next month.

3. I am going to make sure I am not telling anybody that I am writing a novel this November. I always do and end up disappointing them and myself. This time, will be a surprise for everybody. Oh yes, I did tell you but you won’t pester me with ‘How’s your novel going?’ so I am taking that chance.

4. I am not going to have Satan whispering in my ears or into my heart, ”That doesn’t sound like a good story”. A story may not be good but a story is a story and who is the devil to tell me that my story is not good?

5. I am going to write the book for myself, not for money, not for fame, not for a publishing contract, not for posterity.  This book is my way of documenting my history and I am pretty sure it has nothing to do with anybody or anything else. This should do the trick. Work hard and leave the rest to destiny.

So how are you planning to use November, writing a novel, planning it or thinking it out? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions below.

And no I don’t look anything like this!


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