A purpose to live our lives purposefully

You know how it is for many of us- we walk through innumerable tasks, deadlines screaming through our head, children running amok through our lives, a million things waiting to be done, people we have promised to oblige, promises we have promised to keep and living our life we have always dreamed about. Yet we manage to make our lives a little bit harder when we agree to take part in well, just a bit more. I mean something that we can do because we have the time or even if we don’t, we can find the time. We want to take part in the local volunteer group, pick up a friend’s daughter from school and may be write an article that pays peanuts or embark upon a business idea that seems promising. So why do we do all of that or more of that with all that we already have to do?

I wrote this post while studying for a major test. It was one of those things that  I just had to. There are a couple of other things too. And I discovered that this happens to so many of us. We do things that we think we should- get more on our list in spite of being hard- pressed for time. But I did do one smart thing (I do manage some smartness with all the goofiness)- I saved it to be published later.

I subscribe to Jeff Goins, the author of Wrecked and You are a Writer. In the midst of sutdying for my test, I scrolled through my email and saw Jeff Goin waving frantically through the screen shouting

How to Find the Fullness of Life

His guest post on another writer’s site was titled ‘the last thing we want could be the first thing we need’. And it was simply awesome. He writes ”Life for us is too comfortable, too predictable. So we chase addictions and comforts and stuff to revive our sullen hearts.” Don’t get all excited I am not going to produce the article, you can go read it here. But the article resonated with me and as some very good buddies agreed completely, ”There is my story somewhere there, in some word or sentence laid bare.”

We chase after challenges because we need those energy bumpers in our lives, we need to be assured that we can accomplish those things and much more. We need those adrenalin pumping tasks that give us queer joy and un- explainable satisfaction. But we don’t do these things only because we need a good ego-massage or because we want praise and adulation. It wouldn’t be worthy to go through all the trouble for a few words of appreciation.

We need a purpose to live our lives purposefully. The key is to find the things to do that fulfill that purpose and not just take up things that make us wander in the woods, lost and aimless. We need to be courageous to step out but at the very same time it is important that we choose wisely and smartly. To not get wound up in a directionless struggle but to find our way through the maze onto an exit which leaves us with a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. To accept that, the way we choose what we choose to do matters more than anything.  This might be just the way to find the purpose that so often is lost to us.

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