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The #1 (Kindle) Feeling

I had a busy day today. During the day I volunteered to raise funds for charity, came back home to cook dinner for a couple of friends. I tried pushing my newest retail venture out there in the real world (yeah writers too can be into many things other than writing) and was sorely disappointed by the no- results result. At the end of it all, I went on to my kdp account to see if I could find luck lurking in my book’s sales. And sure enough there it was. On second thoughts, I shouldn’t be using the word luck now, should I?

I hopped on to the Amazon UK and the book was # 1 in Customs and Traditions category and if you look now, it probably still is. The book is #6 on Amazon US in the category Inspirational Spirituality. What can I say? Well, nothing really. It is kinda hard to describe the #1 feeling. Even if you are a writer, even if words are supposed to flow out of your fingers.

I can wash away the blues and the exhaustion. I am floating on the no- words- to- describe #1 feeling. And I am hoping all the contributors who agreed to be part of the anthology are too.

Hmmmm, did I tell you the important piece of information? The book is free today and tomorrow. For you People, for you.


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