E- book Free to download

For the People, By the People              

Free e-books are all the rage now with technology taking over the publishing industry. Although the best books are probably those you have borrowed from your local library or borrowed and stole from friends (until they found out anyway), it is only technology that allows you to read a book for free and keep it with you. Make it yours for ever.

For many the physical disconnect with e-books irritates them no end but let’s face it, we have to move with the times. In this time and age, you keep hundreds of books in that rectangular device- Kindle, your phone, Ipad, whichever piece of technology you carry and flip the pages with the swipe of your finger. And they are many such pieces out there on which you can read books. You don’t really have to own a Kindle, read more about this here. 

Whatever our opinion about e-books or free e-books, they are here to stay. Which reminds me, the anthology which I have edited ‘For the People, By the People’ is free to be downloaded this weekend- September 22nd and September 23rd, 2012. It is a collection of real life stories written by Muslims for all those who might be interested to know about what it is to be a Muslim. More on this later. For now, don’t forget to download the book free from here

Keep writing, reading and thinking. 


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