A poem I wrote


This is a poem I wrote which was selected to be published in ‘Journeys’, an anthology of short stories and poems from around the world.

I hope you enjoy it.

One Day

I have travelled to places

a nomad- here and there

places in a picture book,

some the stiff of dreams.

A small town

some miles from my city

in the plateau Deccan

is one place I never wish to go

I have heard about the place

how real could it be

It is, they say- all of them

and I still have not been there.

Will this be a step backwards or

will there be ghosts there, I may never overcome

in this lifetime this or more?

Will I come back with eyes sore?

All these years I have waited

but no one has told me

neither my friend nor foe

but I know one who will speak.

Who will take me there,

where my father lived

half his life and then came out

so we could live ours.

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