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What has Olympics got to do with e books?

Olympics, the world’s foremost sports competition has ancient roots. It is a traditional event that celebrates the human spirit. Compared to this very ancient sports event, e books are something which have been invented to suit our modern existence and our fast lives. So where and how do they come together? Olympics and e books, what could possibly be the connection? It turns out there is. And a sensible one at that. In London of course, where the Olympics are taking place this summery summer.

Lonely planet is offering free e booksand apps for the those coming to the historic city, to the country of the Diamond Jubilee Queen. Free ebooks are not such a rage, with every other book being free these days but these books are a minefield of information for the traveller working his way around London. Some books like the Not for Parents London ebook is available on Ipad but some like the Recession Busting Britain ebook are available on Kindle, Nook and iBookstore.

London is a city which can amaze you with it’s blend of tradition and modernity, old and new, historic and contemporary. Grab your smart phone or e reader and walk your way through this beautiful city. With a free e book of course. No more lugging paper guides in your backpack, just an e book stored safely in a can’t- do- without piece of technology.

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