Free design and Online Distribution for Technical Books

http://www.pothi.com is India’s self- publishing pioneer, a company that aims to make ‘publishing accessible to all’. It is one of India’s big self- publishing giants trying to make its way through India’s ever- growing appetite for the written word. This month it is holding the Tech Publishing Festival that is meant to help technical authors with designing and online distribution. The authors only have to worry about the content of the book, the designing and distribution is taken care of by the guys at Pothi. For indie authors, this is great help because they are saved from the other un-writing tasks such as book cover design, sorting through distribution channels and formatting the book. 

Coming out with a book is in itself a huge task, writing good content a challenging one indeed. For indie authors the whole package of designing, formatting, distributing doesn’t make it any easier. I have had the experience with my first book as editor which is available on Amazon for US and UK readers as well as on Pothi for readers in India. 

This wonderful festival for technical authors is just the boost they need to concentrate on their content and writing and leave the rest of the designing, distribution process to experts. 

Go techies, grab the offer. The deadline is July 30th 2012. 

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