Writing and Dieting

After spending a whole week doing social media rounds on various platforms, my head is spinning with the the obvious after- affects that one suffers after spending a vulgar amount in it’s presence. Author support sites, alternate media houses, innovative little nuggets to keep up with the maddening world of publishing are all good but not when it becomes too good to be true and too good to let go.

So I have decided to go on a Diet and Write. And while these words may not rhyme this short poem surely does:

Writing and Dieting

This is what

I will be doing



There you go, I can already see my writing juices flow right through my social- media clogged brain. The thing with dieting is that you abstain from attractive trappings like chocolate and sugar- temporary soothers which do nothing but add to your empty calorie intake.

Which is the same with writing.

When you write, you pour yourself, your ideas and your time into the creative process of detailing, of carving out identities and making life come to life. You refrain from brandishing yourself on various social media sites- which, by the way, and I am saying this with experience, can be quite addictive.

In this age of self- promotion and especially self- published authors, we need the empty calorie intake aka the social media exposure once in a while. But if it is taking up more time than the actual writing it is time to take stock.

Which is what I am doing. And you should too. I will keep a tab on that weight of mine. Yes, I will.

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