A Hit Writer

A very good friend phoned me two days back and gushed about my anthology– my first book as editor. I felt elated of course. Well, just enough to keep myself on earth. The trick is to not let go reality. You see, I have dreamed enough dreams and wasted enough time.

Her next sentence surprised me and led me into thinking thoughts which often haunt me.  She told me that her son was asking ”Is you friend a hit writer?”.

Isn’t that a question that often pulls at our collective conscience as writers?  ”Are we good enough?” And then it can sub- question itself depending what you individually, feel is your yardstick of being good.

Do you want to write something that you have always wanted to?

Is it a best- seller you want to write?

Do you want t go down in history as the writer who left great writing for generations to come?

There are other questions that can be added here but these pretty much sum up writers’ and their pool of ever- growing doubts about the quality of their craft.

But really we won’t know if those questions will be answered, at least not until we start writing. Writing a bestseller is a dream many writers have but there is no set formula to it. Not until you start writing and finish it.

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