The Ephron legacy

I was Sleepless in London this morning. It could be that I had clocked enough sleep for the night but as I opened the online news site I open every morning, I read about how Nora Ephron, the screen writer, book writer and speaker had even wrote a self- published cookbook. I was hooked not because here was a woman half the world was gushing over but because she had done so many things in her 71 years of her life and, and here comes the best part- she had self- published a book! This is a great incentive for self- published writers across the world, Nora Ephron did it despite being a published author and a successful one at that. I am not saying, if she could do it, why can’t we too.

What I am saying is that self- publishing, to the less initiated, can be a means of looking- down upon an author. However, simply explained, it is a publishing option. It may be because you haven’t found a publisher like dear Amanda. It could be because you are too lazy to approach publishers. Or even because you are a recluse who shuns public displays of pitching to publishers. It could be any of those things, all of those things or none of them. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are an author or editor who has a book out there. Self- published or not, the others can mind their own business. That is a lesson to be learnt form Nora Ephron’s life, in addition to many more lessons- do what you have to do, even if what you are doing covers a wide spectrum of interests in nontraditional ways. No worries.

As Michael Drew writes in the Huffington post, ”But she was also a writer who dared to do more: She wasn’t content to let one thing be the end-product of her labors. She wrote newspaper articles, essays, plays, screenplays. She directed movies. She wrote books. Often all at the same time.” His blog entry touches upon the remarkable life this woman led. He calls it the The Ephron Effect : By being true to yourself, and being open to change, you will be an inspiration. I call it the Ephron legacy. Doesn’t matter what it is called.

2 thoughts on “The Ephron legacy

  1. I was inspired by Nora Ephron’s Legacy. I am sure many women will be inspired and would try to do more and be true to themselves, and being open to change and they will be inpsirations like Nora Ephron as pointed out by Michael Drew.

    I recommend this article and everyone should read about Nora and her legacy and try to learn from it.

    Many thanks for sharing the Ephron Legacy with us all.

    ……please upload some more interesting articles!

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