What exactly do you do all day?

Ever been asked how you fill up the day? I don’t exactly know when we started to fill a day. Does a day require to be filled up? How?

Or may be it does, like all things these days- cheeks and boobs, sandwiches and pizza crusts.

You are lucky if you a writer who has yet to prove yourself (you know big publishing houses, interviews etc) and you haven’t been asked that question. It is the question many of us dread because really, we are not one of those people who brag about what we write. Maybe it is a good time to start. A writer’s job is not worth bragging about. It is, if you see it through others’ eyes, quite a boring job really- sitting in front of a laptop screen or a blank page and make worlds come alive with mere words.

If it were not for the obsessing love of it, we would probably have found better things to do with our brains and hands. Oh well, but we write or rather slog at it day in and day out, filling our mornings and afternoons, evenings and nights with writing- if not on pages and screens, then on our minds.

So when I am asked what I do all day, I shrug and open my mouth. I try different approaches, ”I write,” I say and depending upon the reaction, I retract my words or detail it a bit. ”Ah, nothing really”, and the whole day passes off? asks curious eyes. Well, the whole day as it is is not that big and it doesn’t need passing off.

Now I have changed that answer to the what do you do question by saying, ”I work, work from home.” Not many can get their understanding around writing. For a living, boo hoo, you must be kidding. Ok, so writing doesn’t actually pay the bills but if paying the bills was our main criteria, we would not do what we do. One of the most boring jobs in the world.  Not for us, of course, we are here for the love of it. The passion that it invokes, which makes us get up from our beds and start plotting and thinking. And writing.

And if you compelled to answer the awful question (please note: I am not calling the questioner awful), you can come up with lists like I fed the cat at 9, I drank eight glasses of water and had to rush to the toilet 10 times. Just like this writer did.

I guess it is just easier and much better to say: I am a writer, I write or think about writing or sleep on my writing. All day.

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