Stop thinking, start writing

If you are a writer, one of life’s woeful disappointment is the realization that after a week you have done no real writing. I mean writing that is worth being called writing. Yes, you have outlined, plotted, designed, brainstormed, time- tabled, scheduled but sadly, not written. It is the worst kind of nightmare for a writer to summarize a whole week and find that he/ she hasn’t done what she is supposed to be doing. Which is writing.

A writer, simply put, writes. Much like breathing, which we do everyday and many times during the day and eating, both of which which we can’t do without. Even if all you plan to do on a given day is to outline an article/ novel/ blog post, take out an hour to write. Maybe an old article you didn’t finish, a scene in your novel that clicks, a blog post that you have just had an idea about.

It could be anything, as long as it makes you flex your writing muscles. It is food for your soul, it is the purpose of your existence (well for some it is, others no offence). For now, forget about editing and making your writing make sense, you will have chance and time to do that later.

If I have learnt something in my ten odd years of writing it is that writing everyday helps you to improve your level and expertise. The more you do it, the more confident you get. You have to get into the flow and you will start to like it. Make it a habit. Life is a habit anyway. Why, some even call love a habit. You will find that it will soon turn into a habit that you love and cannot live without.

So get going. Start. Writing

Do you write everyday. if so, what is it that stops you. Happy to read and reply to your comments below.


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